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  • World Class noise and vibration control solutions
  • Latest manufacturing technology
  • Backed by over 30 years’ experience in industrial and commercial vehicles


Case Study: Noise in Off-highway, construction, and agricultural vehicles. The noise and vibration generated by industrial vehicles affects both the operator inside the cab, and others within the vicinity of such large power units. A noisy working environment causes operator fatigue leading to poor efficiency, and possible long term hearing damage. In addition there is an ever present danger in working close to a vehicle that drowns the sound of surrounding activities. To be competitive, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) must overcome these problems.

Using the versatility offered by polyurethane, the team at Acoustic Attenuations offer a range of noise control products, specific for agricultural, construction and mechanical handling vehicles, as well as PSV and commercial vehicles.

Acoustic Attenuations Ltd is an associate company of Tecni-Form Ltd, which has more than 30 years’ experience of manufacturing and supplying vehicle markets with polymer products, and is a world class supplier to multinational vehicle manufacturers.

Acoustic Attenuations has made a significant investment in technology to create a highly efficient production facility, combining low component pricing, with the high quality demanded by the industrial vehicle market.


Case Study: Floor Mats and Bulkhead Insulators as solutions. Vehicle cab floors and bulkheads transmit noise and vibration into the cab due to airborne engine noise incident on the outer surface, and structural vibration induced by the engine. The weight, thickness, stiffness, shape and size of the floor and bulkhead will have a bearing on the amount of noise transmitted into the cab.

Acoustic Attenuations own, specially formulated, high density polyurethane elastomer materials, enable floor mats to make a significant contribution in reducing in-cab noise and vibration, while at the same time providing a hard wearing surface to suit this harsh environment.

The polyurethane elastomer can be moulded into complex shapes, for example, creating seals where the cab floor meets the inner wings, rear panel and bulkhead, and where the bulkhead itself interfaces with the rear hood, engine hood and glass. High boot heel up-stands, not possible in alternative mat solutions, can be moulded, protecting inner-wing trims and providing a tray-like wash out area.

Also available are different types of polyethylene or polyurethane foam on the rear surface, creating a composite acoustic solution. A UV stabilised top surface is offered in a variety of colours.

Advanced, low cost, tooling technologies are available to suit low, medium and high volume vehicle builds, meaning complete ranges of vehicles can benefit from the same product. Further customisations can include company brand, textures and colours.

Sound solutions from Acoustic Attenuations!